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Solar Joint Observing Programs (JOPs)

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What are JOPs?

JOPs are an effort by the SOHO Science Planning Working Group to produce coherent plans whereby various SOHO instruments can maximize their scientific return by coordinating their individual observing plans for the study of specific solar phenomena. Many JOPs involve collaborations with other ground-based or space-based observatories.

If you would like to write and run a JOP, please follow the JOP Guidelines.

If you have any questions about a specific JOP or its objectives, please feel free to contact the JOP organizer listed under the specific JOP.

If no format is specified, the JOP document is in HTML, plain text or Adobe Portable Document format.

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Currently defined and documented science JOPs

JOP 001
Emerging, Submerging, and Canceling Magnetic Flux
JOP 002
Temperature Gradient in a Coronal Hole (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 003
Coronal Mass Ejection Onset (CMEO) (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 004
Diagnostic of Erupting Prominences as Onsets of CMEs
JOP 005
Composition of Dynamic Layer Above Solar Limb
JOP 006
Solar Wind from Active Regions (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 007
Elemental Abundances In The Transition Region And Corona (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 008
Earth-Directed CME (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 009
1999 — Plasma Diagnostics and Dynamics, 1997 — Prominence Diagnostics and Dynamics, 1995 — Prominence diagnostics and dynamics
JOP 010
Alfven Waves in the Solar Corona and Solar Wind (PostScript, PDF)
JOP 011
Sungrazing Comet Study
JOP 012
Limb Prominences [htmlized ASCII text file]
JOP 013
Temporal Variability in the Solar Transition Region
JOP 014
Solar Wind from Coronal Holes (dvi, PostScript, PDF)>
JOP 015
CDS/SUMER Joint Observations of High Velocity Events (dvi, PostScript. PDF)
JOP 016
Formation of the He II 304 Line
JOP 017
Dynamics of Arch Filament Systems [TRACE] (Previous versions: June 1997, April 1999)
JOP 018
Sunspot Velocity Field and Line Profiles [TRACE]
JOP 020
Evidence for Nano-Flares in Coronal and Transition Region Lines
JOP 021
Solar Abundances from EUV Spectra (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 022
Network Dynamics [TRACE]
JOP 023
Bright Points
JOP 025
Correlation between Energetic Particle Production and Solar Plasma Properties and then some more text to test a very long title
JOP 026
The Signature of Ca II K Grains in the Transition Region and Corona
JOP 027
Diffuse Corona
JOP 028
Streamers (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 029
Filament Flows with SUMER and CDS
JOP 031
Solar Wind above Streamers (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 032
Off-limb Temperature and Density Study
JOP 033
UV and X-ray jets
JOP 034
Transient brightenings in active region loops
JOP 035
Coronal Hole Structure and Evolution (Formats: dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 036
Observational Tests for Non-Equilibrium Ionization in the Solar Transition Region and Corona (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 037
Dynamical Studies of Minor Solar Activity Phenomena (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 038
Diagnostic of Coronal Bright Points [TRACE]
JOP 039
Polar Plume Flow and Script for JOP039
JOP 040
Transition Region Network Thickness [TRACE]
JOP 041
Connection between Transition Region Lines and the Photospheric Magnetic Field
JOP 042
Nature of Non-Thermal Line Broadening
JOP 043
Macrospicules (PostScript PDF)
JOP 044
The Large Scale Structure of the Solar Minimum Corona [htmlized ASCII] and Script for Whole Sun Month Campaign
JOP 045
Structure and Dynamics of Transient Brightenings and their Relation to Magnetic Field Geometry (PostScript, PDF)>
JOP 046
Dynamics and Helium Line Formation (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 047
Correlations of Minutescale Changes in the Corona and Chromosphere above the Network of the Quiet Sun
JOP 048
Comprehensive Polar Plume Observations
JOP 049
The Role of MHD Shocks in Coronal Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles
JOP 050
The Smallest Observable Category of Eruptive Filaments
JOP 051
Study of Quiet Sun UV and H-alpha Jets by Joint SOHO/SUMER and BBSO/Halpha/VMG Observations
JOP 052
Lock-In Detection of Network-Driven Waves in the Corona
JOP 053
Brightness of Features in the Upper Solar Atmosphere (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 054
Empirical Scaling Laws for a Range of Temperatures (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 055
Coronal Holes Versus Normal Quiet Sun (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 056
The Interstellar Focusing Cone
JOP 057
Joint SOHO/YOHKOH/Ground-Based Observations of Polar Jetlets [TRACE]
JOP 058
Search of Propagating Waves over the Chromospheric Network
JOP 059
Examination of Structure and Temporal Variation of Coronal Loops
JOP 060
Joint VLA-SOHO Observations of Transient Sources in the Solar Corona
JOP 061
Brightenings, Flows and Waves (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 062
Oxford Helium Enhancement Study
JOP 063
Prominence Absorption
JOP 064
Study of Coronal Holes and Bright Points Using SOHO and Nancay Radioheliograph Observations
JOP 065
Inverse Evershed Effect (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
JOP 066
Loop Fine Structures
JOP 067
Investigation of the Structure of the Lower Corona and the Contribution of Small Ejecta to the Solar Wind
JOP 068
Solar Wind from Coronal Holes: A Closer Look
JOP 069
Explosive Events in the Solar Atmosphere with HRTS
JOP 070
Coronal Counterparts to He I 10380 Dynamic Events
JOP 071
SOHO Observations in Support of the HAO/NSO/Michigan/Rhodes College/Lindau Experiments at the February 26 1998 Eclipse
JOP 072
High Cadence Chromospheric and Coronal Dynamics Studies with SOHO and TRACE [TRACE]
JOP 073
JOP 074
A Study of Filaments and their Environments using VLA, SOHO & Yohkoh
JOP 075
Time Variation and Dynamics of Active Region Loops [TRACE]
JOP 076
CDS LASCO Mauna Loa Streamer Study. This JOP is part of the Second Whole Sun Month Campaign in August 1998
JOP 077
Time Evolution of Streamers
JOP 078
Variability and Properties of the Quiet Sun Supergranular Network and Internetwork [TRACE] (Tex, PostScript PDF)
JOP 079
What is the Nature of Transition Region Explosive Events?
JOP 080
High Time Resolution Imaging Study of Coronal and Transition Region Dynamics (EIT Shutterless-mode Campaign) [TRACE]
JOP 081
Solar Magnetic Fields: from the Photosphere through the Chromosphere and into the Corona
JOP 082
Study of the Process Of Magnetic Flux Disappearance in Canceling Bipoles [TRACE]
JOP 083
High Cadence Activity Studies and the Heating of Coronal Loops [TRACE]
JOP 084
Coronal Active Region Study (in preparation). This JOP is part of the Second Whole Sun Month Campaign in August 1998)
JOP 085
Coronal Hole Velocity Study (in preparation). This JOP is part of the Second Whole Sun Month Campaign in August 1998)
JOP 086
Transient Features in Active Regions [TRACE]
JOP 087
Active Region Loop Systems on the Limb [TRACE]
JOP 088
Bright Point Diagnostics [TRACE]
JOP 089
Coronal Holes [TRACE]
JOP 090
Polar Plumes [TRACE]
JOP 091
High Velocity Events in Polar Regions [TRACE]
JOP 092
Sunspot Plumes [TRACE]
JOP 093
Acceleration Profile of the Slow Solar Wind. (This JOP is part of the Second Whole Sun Month Campaign in August 1998)
JOP 094
Spicules [TRACE]
JOP 095
Joint SOHO-GBO Campaign to Study Chromospheric and TR Oscillations. [TRACE]
JOP 096
Magnetic flux emergence in active regions
JOP 097
Oscillations in Sunspots and Active Regions [TRACE]
JOP 098
Multi-Wavelength Observations of Solar Flares - [TRACE]
JOP 099
Filament-Prominence-CME Magnetic Evolution Study [TRACE]
JOP 100
Active Region DEM for Heating & Magnetography Studies [TRACE]
JOP 101
Doppler Shifts and Line Widths of Helium Lines and their Relation to the Line Formation [TRACE]
JOP 102
Structure of Coronal Holes with Plumes [TRACE]
JOP 103
Transition Region Moss [TRACE]
JOP 104
Doppler shifts in X-ray jets [TRACE]
JOP 105
Low Corona Diagnostics
JOP 106
Sigmoidal Active Region Study [TRACE]
JOP 107
Lyman lines series in prominences and Lyman continua [TRACE]
JOP 108
Dynamics and Structure of Large Sunspots [TRACE]
JOP 109
Temperature and Density Structure of the Solar Corona [TRACE]
JOP 110
Structure of the Solar Poles during the Magnetic Transition [TRACE]
JOP 111
Search for a Relationship between Coronal Microflares and Transition Region Events [TRACE]
JOP 112
Coordinated SOHO-Ulysses Elemental Abundance Study
JOP 113
The Triggering and Evolution of Solar Flares [MAX MILLENIUM] [TRACE]
JOP 114
Pre-Eruptive Filament Structures
JOP 115
Search for UV Signatures Corresponding to Microwave Enhancement in Coronal Holes
JOP 116
Filament Doppler Shifts at Multiple Temperatures
JOP 117
The build-up and triggering Solar Flares - [MAX MILLENIUM] [TRACE]
JOP 118
The Temperature Range of the Sunspot 3-minute Oscillations [TRACE] (Previous version (25 Dec 1999): HTML, LaTeX, DVI, Postscript, PDF)
JOP 119
Variability and Physical Properties of Transequatorial Interconnecting Loops [TRACE] (LaTeX, DVI, Postscript, PDF)
JOP 120
Formation and Evolution of a Sigmoidal Active Region [TRACE]
JOP 121
Strengthening of H0 Lyman Continuum absorption in disk filaments prior to eruption (LaTeX, DVI, Postscript, PDF)
JOP 122
Micro-scale heating blocks of the solar atmosphere [TRACE] (Previous version: May 2000
JOP 123
Narrow band photometry of EUV emission lines [TRACE] (Previous version: April 2000)
JOP 124
Eruptive filament in active region (Previous version: 14 April 2000, MEDOC Campaign 5)
JOP 125
Evolution of qiescent prominences [TRACE]
JOP 126
Active region non-thermal velocities and dynamics [TRACE]
JOP 127
High-cadence tracking of CMEs and irregularities through the corona and interplanetary medium [TRACE]
JOP 128
VLA/SOHO Investigation of the Evolution of the Active Region Corona [TRACE]
JOP 129
The Gravitational Focusing Cone of Interstellar Helium
JOP 130
Solar Maximum Equatorial Slow Wind [TRACE]
JOP 131
Spectro-polarimetric diagnostics of prominences and filaments with SOHO and THEMIS [TRACE] (Previous version (Sept 2000): Dynamics of Active Regions)
JOP 132
Ulysses/SOHO Quadrature Study
JOP 133
Theoretical Lines Profiles of Metallic Elements with Macroscopic Velocities
JOP 134
High-Resolution Study of Supergranulation: Plasma Flows and Magnetic Field Structures
JOP 135
Filament Structure and Dynamics: H alpha Doppler, HeI and HeII Observations
JOP 136
Default HESSI Collaboration [TRACE] [Max Millennium]
JOP 137
Time Variation and Dynamics of Active Regions Loops II [TRACE]
JOP 138
Decimetric storms and Decametric type III bursts [TRACE]
JOP 139
A study of helium abundance from coordinated Sac Peak-SOHO-Ulysses observations [TRACE]
JOP 140
Origin of Type I radio noise storms [TRACE]
JOP 141
Emission lines in Near-Sun Comets.
JOP 142
Filament Motion Observations with Sac Peak, TRACE, and SOHO [TRACE]
JOP 143
Impulsive Flare Dynamics [TRACE]
JOP 144
Sources of coronal oscillations [TRACE]
JOP 145
Active Region Irradiance Study [TRACE]
JOP 146
Fine Temperature and Density Structure of Coronal Loops in a Bipolar Active Region [TRACE]
JOP 147
Ellerman Bombs and Severny Moustaches [TRACE]
JOP 148
VAULT sub-arcsecond imaging of the solar atmosphere [TRACE]
JOP 149
Onset on flaring activity and Coronal mass ejections [TRACE]
JOP 150
Dynamics and Seismology of the Solar Atmosphere [TRACE]
JOP 151
Active Region Streamer Study
JOP 152
Multi-wavelength Observations of Large-scale Shock Waves on the Sun [TRACE]
JOP 153
Major Flare Watch [Max Millennium]
JOP 154
Joint SOHO-GBO Campaign to Study Chromospheric and Photospheric Network [TRACE]
JOP 155
Polar Coronal Jets at the Declining Phase of the Solar Cycle [TRACE]
JOP 156
Multi-Spectral Solar Telescope Array III [TRACE]
JOP 157
[NEW] Activity of magnetic features in the solar atmosphere (emergence, shear, dispersion) (Previous version: February 2004)
JOP 158
The Fast Solar Wind from 1.05 to 4 Ro.
JOP 159
CME's in Lyman-alpha
JOP 160
Emergence and Evolution of Young Active Regions [TRACE]
JOP 161
SOHO Comprehensive Footpoint Study <[TRACE]
JOP 162
Magnetic Field Evolution Around Leading Sunspots [TRACE]
JOP 163
Internetwork and Network Oscillations: The Influence of Magnetic Fields on Atmospheric Dynamics [TRACE]
JOP 164
Quiet Sun Magnetic Carpet Study [TRACE]
JOP 165
High Cadence Active region oscillation: Center to limb variation [TRACE]
JOP 166
Oscillations in Coronal Bright Points [TRACE]
JOP 167
Evolution and dynamics of the ionosphere
JOP 168
Sunspot Lightbridge Flows from the Photosphere to the Corona [TRACE]
JOP 169
Observations of Evolving Active Region Loops [TRACE]
JOP 170
Magnetic Field Temporal Changes over the Active Regions: From the Photosphere to the Corona.[TRACE]
JOP 171
Solar Network Variability and Dynamics[TRACE] (LaTeX, DVI, Postscript, PDF)
JOP 172
Coordinated Observations of Micro-Events in the Quiet Solar Corona [TRACE]
JOP 173
The Three-Dimensional Structure and Dynamics of Sunspots[TRACE]
JOP 174
Plasma Condensation and Temporal Variations in Active Region Loops[TRACE] (Previous version: March 2004)
JOP 175
Extended Filaments at the Limb[TRACE]
JOP 176
Short-timescale Coronal Hole Evolution
JOP 177
Energy Input in Prominences (MS Word)
JOP 178
Filament, Prominence and Cavity campaign[TRACE])
JOP 179
Energy Propagation in XBPs
JOP 180
Magnetic Fields and Flows to Corona/Transition Region[TRACE]
JOP 181
Fine Magnetic Structures as the Origin of Coronal Heating and Activities[TRACE]
JOP 182
Structure and dynamics of the complete lifetime of coronal X-ray bright points[TRACE]
JOP 183
Study of the Quiet Sun Fine Structures[TRACE]
JOP 184
Bright Points from Photosphere to Corona
JOP 185
Spectroscopy and imaging tomography of the solar fibrils: photospheric drivers and coronal consequences[TRACE]
JOP 186
Atmospheric Seismology[STEREO] [TRACE] (Previous version: 19 May 2006)
JOP 187
Stereoscopic Observations of Coronal Structures[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 188
Prominence Mass Composition and Variability Study[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 189
Microflares and network dynamics: physical mechanisms[TRACE]
JOP 190
Temperature, density and 3-D structure of active region loops[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 191
3-D structure and evolution of filaments/prominences[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 192
Chromospheric heating — signatures of waves and reconnection[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 193
Coronal holes boundaries evolution[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 194
Activity in Filaments and Filament Cavities[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 195
Characterization of Fast and Slow Solar Wind Source Regions
JOP 196
Detection of waves in the solar atmosphere[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 197
Multi-wavelength observations of coronal hole plumes at solar minimum[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 198
Spectral Observations of Spicule Dynamics[TRACE]
JOP 199
The magnetic structure of macrospicules[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 200
Multi-point, high cadence EUV (and complementary) observations of the dynamic solar corona[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 201
Linking the Corona to the solar wind at Ulysses[TRACE]
JOP 202
Origin of the slow solar wind[TRACE]
JOP 203
Coronal hole boundary & Low-latitude Coronal Holes [STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 204
Characterizing the Energetics and Dynamics of the Quiet Sun[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 205
Active Regions[STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 206
Low-latitude Coronal Holes [STEREO] [TRACE]
JOP 207
Eruptive and quiescent prominences Atlas with SOHO and Hinode
JOP 208
Relationship between movements of magnetic features and mass outflow in funnels[TRACE]
JOP 209
Coronal bright points in quiet Sun and coronal hole[TRACE]
JOP 210
Checking the possible drives of solar wind origin in the coronal hole
JOP 211
How does the solar wind originate from the quiet-Sun region?
JOP 212
Connection between UV explosive event and magnetic cancellation
JOP 213
Chromospheric network structure and dynamics
JOP 214
[NEW] Quiescent prominence structure and dynamics with Hinode-SOT
JOP 215
[NEW] Connection between the magnetic canopy and chromospheric/lower transition region dynamics
JOP 216
[NEW] Multi-wavelength Observations of Oscillations in Polar Plumes
JOP 217
[NEW] Velocity fields at the base of polar coronal holes
JOP 218
[NEW] Dynamics and structure of the solar atmosphere from SUMER and VTT observations
JOP 219
[NEW] Connection between photospheric vortex flows and transition region and coronal heating
JOP 220
[NEW] Prediction of the EUV Helium line intensities in the solar atmosphere
JOP 221
[NEW] Spicule seismology
JOP 222
[NEW] Detecting the Origin of Shock-Accelerated Solar Energetic Particles
JOP 223
[NEW] Fast Solar Wind Sources
JOP 224
[NEW] Solar Tomography with Minimal Solar Rotation[STEREO]
JOP 225
[NEW] STEREO / SOHO joint plume campaign[STEREO]
JOP 226
[NEW] SOHO-SDO Cross Calibration[STEREO]
JOP 227
[NEW] Doppler shift oscillations of AR loops[STEREO]

Currently defined and documented intercalibration (ICAL) JOPs

Intercalibration 1 [TRACE] (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
Intercalibration 2 (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
Intercalibration 3 (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
SUMER/CDS/EIT Alignment Calibration (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
SUMER/CDS Intensity Cross-Calibration (dvi, PostScript, PDF)
SOHO/SERTS Cross Calibration
Stellar Cross-Calibration (dvi, PostScript, PostScript)
Above Limb Intercalibration
HiRES/SUMER/CDS/SEM/EIT Cross Calibration
Woods/Hassler Sounding Rocket Cross Calibration Flight
SOHO/CALSO-6 Cross Calibration [TRACE] (Previous versions from July 2002, 1997: SOHO/CALSO-5 Cross Calibration)
SOHO/EIT CalRoc Intercomparisons (Previous version from October 1997: SOHO/EIT CalRoc Intercomparisons)
SOHO-STEREO-TRACE-HERSCHEL radiometric cross-calibration

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