JOP153 Major Flare Watch

Version 0, 25 February 2002
Version 0.25, 26 February 2002

See MMOP003 for other spacecraft and ground based observatories.

The scientific objective, justification, target selection, and individual instruments' observation strategies for this JOP is described in the Max Millennium Observing Plan 003, "Region Likely to Produce Major Flares".

Purpose of this JOP description

Here we will briefly outline the response of SOHO instruments & TRACE when a Major Flare Watch is called by the Max Millennium Chief Observer, in order to point out the constraints and response times that can be expected.

1 Initial contact

One of the SOHO Science Operations Coordinators will be the point of contact for SOHO & TRACE if a Major Flare Watch is called outside of normal business hours (Goddard time). During normal business hours, the usual email Major Flare Watch notification is considered sufficient, but the SOCs will still make sure individual teams have been notified.

2 Instrument team notifications

Note that changing an instrument's observation plans is contingent upon DSN contacts and personnell constraints.

3 Telemetry Submode Changes

SOHO's science telemetry is normally in one of two submodes: If SUMER is observing at the time of a Major Flare Watch, but cannot observe the Major Flare Watch target, they will accept a change to Submode 6. However, submode changes have a number of operational implications, and have to be planned carefully with respect to personnell, telemetry and commanding, and safety constraints: The above points involve a number of operations and science planning personnell. Therefore, submode changes can only be done on a "best effort basis", with planning and execution during regular working hours only.

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