20 February 2024 - Mission Day: 10308 - DOY: 051


SOHO's recovery- An Unprecedented Success Story by F.C. Vandenbussche, ESA Scientific Projects Department, ESA Bulletin 97, March 1999, p. 39. (PDF, 1.7M)

Saving SOHO by Leonard David, AEROSPACE America, May 1999. (PDF, 5.5M)

A Diary of the Recovery

Summary of Recovery Milestones

Graphic illustrating the recovery phases ( 80K GIF, 297K JPEG, 47K PDF, 12M postscript, 3.2M TIF).

Animations of loss of contact

Animation of recovery to sunpointing attitude. The left movie panel simulates the viewing of the activity from the Earth's perspective looking towards SOHO and the Sun. The right side simulates the perspective from the SOHO sides. (MPEG movie, 5.1M)

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