28 November 2023 - Mission Day: 10224 - DOY: 332


Dear SOHO Recovery Team member,

Attached please find a cross section of the numerous e-mails we have received from the solar community
as well as the public, expressing their gratefulness and admiration for your miraculous achievement.
Again my wholehearted thanks and best wishes!

Bernhard Fleck

PS: We have received many messages from the public from all over the world. To protect those who
may not want their e-mail and other personal information become available on the Web we have
removed personal info (name, e-mail etc) from the list below.

Last Update: Wednesday, 14-May-2008 14:10:11 EDT

HI, just checking on SOHO data, wanted to say congrats to everybody again for rescueing such a difficult situation. heckuva job. Y'all some hellacious satellite pilots. peace, n m ____________________________________________________________________________________ SOHO's answer my friends is blowin' in the solar wind the answer's a 'lectric solar wind (with deepest apologies to Bob Dylan) Sorry, i just could'nt resist. :-) n m Way to go on SOHO!!! ____________________________________________________________________________________ CONGRATULATIONS on the recent reaquisition without gyroscopes! Another first. I have learned so much from your website and from the NASA TV shorts about the nature of our sun. I am particularly pleased with the illustrations I saw of the solar wind flowing out of the honeycomb network around the convection cells. Keep up the good work, and, until we can replace it, take good care of the eyes that reveal so much to us about the nature of our universe. Best wishes, and many thanks. N W H.A.M Kirkland, WA ____________________________________________________________________________________ Way to go getting SOHO back on line. Good job to all. n m ____________________________________________________________________________________ Luis CONGRATULATIONS for such a job well done. You have a marvelous team that keep pulling the rabbit out of the magician's hat voila we are getting pictures again! What I really liked was watching the progress on the net with a one minute up date, saying are they going to do all that? I was sitting on the end of my chair in anticipation. Then you announce that all manuvers succsessful HURRAY. Congratulation from a little admirer s w ____________________________________________________________________________________ GRANDIOSO. FELICITACIONES DE NUEVO Y ADELANTE. A S-I ____________________________________________________________________________________ what can one say? congratulations,once again. err...do you fix appliances? just kidding a soho fan ____________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Sir: I would personally like to thank you and your staff, for the great job of service/maintenance you have been doing. And, this is vindication for a 63 year old male, who was punished for thinking about such things in the 40's and 50's. Ain't it great to be part of this technology? Congratulations to all who have worked so long and hard on this program! I only wish I were young enough to start over and take part. Sincerely, J P J _____________________________________________________________________________________ I can not forget this wonderful spacescraft . The Soho team saved it one more time. What a team! What a great job! Congratulations to the team for me. Cheers from the SUMER guy, =;) NM. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Mr. Fleck, I am elated that SOHO's instruments have all passed the radical roll manuever test. Everyone involved with the recovery of the spacecraft deserves hearty applause. I am just a ham radio operator who has savored SOHO's imagery with wide-eyed wonder and was inspired to feature hyperlinks to her home pages from my home page. I am so glad to get my baby back again ! Thanksgiving Day Thanks, J H. W KB4FOS ____________________________________________________________________________________ I've been watching the progress of the recovery operation over the last few months on the recovery update page. Please pass on my regards and respect to the team. An outstanding achievment. Regards A Q ____________________________________________________________________________________ I can't tell you how excited I am to see SOHO fully recovered. I was devasted when you lost contact with SOHO this summer and I have followed your recovery efforts since then. I check out the latest images every day and they are as great as they were before. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK! M C ____________________________________________________________________________________ I have been following with great interest the saga of finding and recovering SOHO. Great team work and what a learning experience. I want to specially say thanks to you for letting us out here, those not connected in anyway with the space program, to peer in and be part of the action. It is a definite broadening of my experience as I gain insight into the problems and routines of maintaining a space program Thanks again. B L San Jose, CA ____________________________________________________________________________________ From: L D Subject: SOHO I've been following the site for several months now (one of my favorites!!! I was just devastated when contact was lost) and I am absolutely amazed at the success of "recapturing" the craft and also that the instruments are working again. Congratulations to everyone. "You-All" have done a SUPERB job!!!!!!!!!! ____________________________________________________________________________________ Seeing your last entry on the SOHO recovery page and as an astronomy-buff, I just wanted to say "Thanks" for keeping the Internet informed of the satellite's amazing day-by-day restoration. An even bigger "Thanks" has to go to the engineers and scientists who restored it to health. I look forward to seeing more spectacular images (it is the only thing I can appreciate! :) from SOHO as the Solar Maximum approaches. Regards, M O _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you're responsible for the daily SOHO recovery updates, thanks so much for the series. I've logged-in almost every day to follow the recovery, which was some of the best science I've seen in a long time. What great drama! I deeply appreciate the work that's gone into the summaries. It was fun. Now...back to probing the secrets of the universe! K _____________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for providing these daily reports - as they kept me on tenterhooks I hate to think what your team, with their investment in that little mote out in space, was going through. Best wishes M A _____________________________________________________________________________________ Bernhard, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of the work you've done on the Recovery Updates web page. I have followed the SOHO reacquisition and recommissioning drama every day for months now and I am mightily impressed with everyone's hard work, innovation and dedication. Thanks again for providing all of this information. There are a lot of us out here who have enjoyed following this real-life success story. J C ____________________________________________________________________________________ What you guys have accomplished with the SOHO recovery is nothing short of fantastic. Putting together a web page of day by day summaries is great for the many of us who want more than the sanitized version by the media. Thanx for the information. I wish this was done by the other ongoing missions. K, G A ____________________________________________________________________________________ Bernhard Many thanks for your daily updates on the SOHO recovery progress. Just enough detail to keep me interested and not so much that I was baffled. I'll have to remove the bookmark now and find something else to do with the spare 10 minutes. Thanks again, and good luck with the rest of the project! J B ____________________________________________________________________________________ Sir: I and some friends are avid amateur solar observers using both white light and h-alpha filters. We wish to congratulate your team for the successful recovery of SOHO and to let you know that there are a lot of us out there who care a great deal about this and similar missions. We also appreciated the updates on the SOHO website. I look forward to some more spectacular images! J M _____________________________________________________________________________________ Yes - it is a real credit to all and a wonderful demonstration of Europe/US working together. I am left amazed and extremely heartened by it all. Thank you and the team for being so public about the failures and successes. Yours John. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Your magnificient success and candorous postings have re-energized my interest in the man component of space exploration. It truly is man who controls this manifest destiny as your marvelous team has so courageously shown all of us. Thank you again for the great drama - perhaps the internet's best moment to date. Incidently, I think you guys either assisted or certainly motivated the president's success last night. (I got a great thrill with your acknowledgement of my kudos message) WOW !! You guys are good. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Bernhard, on behalf of all us folks who've been sitting around quietly listening to your status reports, crossing our fingers, and then cheering wildly as appropriate, I would like to thank you, the Recovery Team, Missions Operations people, and everyone else who dedicated their skills, talents, intellect, and time to pull this miracle off. Congratulations -- and thank you!!!! Deborah K. S. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Keep up the good work!! I believe we should have more sites like this available to the public, to help encourage people to get involved and learn more about space G W N P,Ak USA ____________________________________________________________________________________ Bravo, bravo !!!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, für Eure "grossartige Leistung", dass Ihr SOHO wieder zurückholen konntet. Was soll ich sagen: Es ist einfach wunderbar !! Ich bin glücklich und danke Euch allen. Congratulation !! Viele Grüsse von John (Hans) H R Flumenthal,Switzerland ____________________________________________________________________________________ Keep up the good work on the instruments recovery Regards Steve S A Hayling Island,UK - Wednesday, October 21, 1998 at 18:57:58 (EDT) ____________________________________________________________________________________ I have been watching events unfold almost daily since the signal loss. From the very first you have been optimistic that the spacecraft could be recovered, and it has been wonderful to watch things work out as you had hoped. Congratulations to the whole team, who I'm sure are simply delighted to be operational again. R F ____________________________________________________________________________________ Joe: I browsed past the EIT page, and something looked amiss. At first I thought it was a hoax. During the first full-res download I thought I had gone mad. I sat here in a daze for thirty minutes until it dawned on me to go find the news page. I was afraid to belive it....... CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND ALL THE TEAM! I promise to download every image and savor every one like a truffle. I will never take you folks for granted again. Your most ardent supporter, L. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Jeannie: Congratulations to Joe and the team. B GSFC Education Office ____________________________________________________________________________________ What a sight that is, even if it is an EIT image, not CDS! I never thought I'd be so pleased to see an old friend. Only wish I could be there to see those smiling, happy faces. Well done, fantastic. SMM was given a second breath of life, now it seems that SOHO has been been aswell. Amazing, Helen. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Berhard, I don't know if you're taking what amounts to fan mail, but great job! I've followed the SOHO situation since it first occurred through NASA's press releases. It's been fascinating. You have all done a great job to get it back on line. The whole thing has made me want to look for a job in satellite construction - it sounds like a buzz! Cheers, M S ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hello, Congratulations. Thank You. I am in tears. This project is incredible. Thank you. Please tell all the people involved in the recovery and original launch efforts thank you. I have watched and waited these last three months. C C ____________________________________________________________________________________ So delighted to see you publish the e-mails. Also it is wonderful to see the support from so many who are far away from the actual work the ESA/NASA and others are doing to recover SOHO. It is something that cheers the heart, because ordinary people are involved with the mission, even if only via their telephone line and the web. Being brave enough to put the information as it happens on the web is great. It will help champion the scientific cause and widen awareness. As a systems programmer often working remote from my machines, I understand some of the problems, especially when communications go down in the middle of a delicate operation! Mistakes and cocks, yes I seen and done those to. So I raise a glass to all who sat down after the mistakes, who were honest and frank about the errors and then worked their backsides off to recover the mission. Well done!!! -- Yours John. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Bernhard Congratulations to you and the team! It was a fantastic effort and you should all be very proud. The recovery has been inspirational. As a project manager I followed the recovery efforts and reports with a great deal of interest. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences in the SOHO project and my own. I've learnt from your experiences. The last line on your update for 13th was a nice touch :) S H Sydney Australia ____________________________________________________________________________________ DE NUEVO UN GUGOL DE FELICITACIONES A TODO EL EQUIPO POR LA EXITOSA RECUPERACION DE SOHO Y SU VUELTA EN OPERACION. A S-I Estacion de Observacion Solar, EOS. Area de Astronomia / CIF-US Universidad de Sonora ____________________________________________________________________________________ Congratulations on the recovery of SOHO! Well done! -- T E ____________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Dr. SOHO, We at Galaxies Astronomy Club would like to welcome back SOHO. We all missed you and the outstanding Images and Data that you have given us. Thanks to a the Team at ESO and NASA we can look forward to seeing the Sun through your eyes. Good seeing, T B ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hello again, Every few days I check the web site and see that things are coming along very nicely. Again, congratulations! I am curious about something, though - do any members of the recovery team plan to publish a "lessons learned" report, perhaps giving advice to operators faced with similar circumstances, and maybe even to suggest spacecraft design features which could make recovery easier? Were there any fail-safe gizmos on SOHO where the team was saying "Boy, it's a good thing we designed *that* into the spacecraft!"? Cheers, G W ____________________________________________________________________________________ No need to respond, but you all need to know that SOHO has a great many fans who have delighted in the great scientific return, and who will continue to give talks about, and teach about, the amazing engineering that has gone into the construction of spacecraft. Please take great pride in what you have done. I will tell my classes and various other groups about these accomplishments. J K Prof. of Astronomy U. of Illinois ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hi there. I've been watching the developing events since the loss of the spacecraft with some interest, and I'm just dropping you this mail to say congratulations on locating it again - a task, which I can imagine has been tense, and very difficult. Hopefully the fault will be rectafiable, and I look forward to seeing some more beautiful images in the near future. Once again, good luck - and keep up the excellent work - it's all serving to make at least one interested amateur happy. Cheers! Dan ____________________________________________________________________________________ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T l!!! ____________________________________________________________________________________ SOHO-GO TEAM GO !!!!! I've been watching for some time. S and A P ____________________________________________________________________________________ Greetings from ESOC, just to let you know that I and a number of my colleagues are following your daily SOHO reports with interest. It's good to see what is happening over there. keep up the good work, L ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hello Mr. Fleck, I have been watching this drama concerning SOHO daily. Good luck on the attitude recovery. G B ____________________________________________________________________________________ Thank your team for these recovery updates. Many of us are watching and wishing you the best. =============== D B Houston, TX ____________________________________________________________________________________ BRAVO !! Congratulations and thanks to all !! Et champagne pour tout le monde! j-c ____________________________________________________________________________________ Please give our congratulations to all there and our thanks to the recovery team. P ____________________________________________________________________________________ FELICITATIONS!! There are a lot of happy people here as well! A ____________________________________________________________________________________ > SOHO just reaquired the Sun! > > Oh SOHO did look at the sun Until a procedure was run That caused it to spin Much to NASA's chagrin And they thought all the science was done But soon all the scientists saw That by waiting, the fuel they could thaw Then they saw that they must Give a small burst of thrust And they got back the sun: Newton's law! Steve J. ____________________________________________________________________________________ CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!! -- ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hallo, Bernhard, das habt Ihr ja fein gemacht. Wir LASCOten gratulieren und wuenschen Euch weiterhin ein glueckliches Haendchen. Wenn jetzt auch noch von den Instrumenten was funktioniert! Vielleicht musst Du ja Dein Haeuschen doch nicht gleich wieder verkaufen... Wir bleiben dran! Beste Gruesse, auch an die anderen Beteiligten, v R und der Lindauer LASCO-Truppe ____________________________________________________________________________________ An: B. Fleck Lieber Herr Fleck, ich moechte Sie bitten, der "Wiederfindungs"-Gruppe die Glueckwuensche der SUMER-Experimentaroren zu uebermitteln. Es klingt fast unglaublich, dass die Sonne wieder von vorn scheinen soll. Wir sehen den naechsten Entwicklungen mit Spannung entgegen. Mit freundlichen Gruessen K W ____________________________________________________________________________________ Dear All, On behalf of the entire CDS team I would like to thank everyone who played a part in the miraculous recovery of SOHO. I know we are not out of the woods yet but many people had written SOHO off and it looks as though we actually have a mission on our hands again! Thanks for the superb effort. R H ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hi there - just a quick message from the UK (Again!) Congratulations! I've been away for 2 weeks. Came back to work, and checked the site, and a flood of good news awaited. Marvelous. :) Dan -- Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. ____________________________________________________________________________________ AND it IS wonderful news!! Congratulations and best regards to all of you for this magnificent achievement, and best wishes for what lies ahead J L ____________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Dr. Sanchez, We are really congratulate by the news about SOHO recovery. Many, many congratulations to all the team who made this effort. A S-I Universidad de Sonora Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico ____________________________________________________________________________________ As an interested member of the public this is just a short note to congratulate the SOHO team on recovering contact with and control of the spacecraft, and to the Web team for providing up to date information that is not generally available in media. No doubt I was one of many who kept my fingers crossed through yesterday as the updates on the recovery process came through on the Web. I look forward to seeing SOHO return to full operation. Best wishes all D H Birmingham, UK ____________________________________________________________________________________ Bernard, Congratulations on a fantastic show yesterday. The web interface allowed the whole world to watch. The precision that this was carried off with was truly exciting. It allowed those that couldn't be at the EOF a feeling that they were part of the SOHO team. I felt that I was watching a miracle. Please pass on to the Francis and the rest of the recovery team our expression of thanks for the effort that they have put in over the last months. They have indeed performed admirably and at great personal hardship. The final outcome we hope will be as impressive as this very auspicious beginning. Warm regards, R H ____________________________________________________________________________________ Congradulations on going so far with the recovery of SOHO! My hat is off to the superb teams from ESA and NASA that accomplished this ESR (sun reacquisition without gyros)!!!!! They and the relentless efforts of the DSN and many others are THE HEROS of this effort. Again congradulations and wishes for continued good luck. A K ____________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Mr. Fleck... (Or is it Dr. Fleck?) I may be just a member of the general public, but I pay attention to NASA news-- I've always been a staunch supporter of the space program and all of NASA's scientific missions. I'm aware of the important scientific discoveries in which SOHO has been instrumental, and the value of the solar activity alerts it affords. It's a great project that deserves all the support it can get. I just wanted to say "congratulations" and, though I know that your team's renewed excitement is plenty of fuel for your efforts, I wanted to give you my encouragement for continued success in bringing SOHO back up to operational strength. If it's not inconvenient, please let your team know that their efforts are appreciated! Way to go! Yours, ...B B W ____________________________________________________________________________________ Wahooo!!!!! Go Go So Ho!!!!!!!!! S and A P ____________________________________________________________________________________ It is so exciting to follow your progress in restoring SOHO. I am not a scientist, but every day I used to look at the SOHO pictures and admired the beauty of our Sun. When SOHO experienced it's troubles I felt like I lost a member of my family. Now it is so wonderful to see you restore it to life! I can't wait for the first pictures! J Z Engineer at Apple Computer California, USA ____________________________________________________________________________________ Great kudos for a job well done. Check with clinton, I think he needs you guys now. ____________________________________________________________________________________ BRAVO!!! Jerry summer98 intern ____________________________________________________________________________________


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