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Sun-Earth Days and SOHO 5th Anniversary

The SOHO community is promoting the Sun-Earth Days. This event, on 27-28 April, is an exciting opportunity to ponder our links with the nearest star and to celebrate the discoveries of the SOHO spacecraft. At the same time We will mark the 5th anniversary of SOHO.

Our Sun plays a central role in daily life, by warming and lighting the world, and powering the growth of living plants. Since ancient times, mankind has been aware of its importance, although not always understanding how or why. Now in the space age, man-made satellites monitor and probe the environs of the Sun, observing subtler and sometimes damaging effects on Earth. Studying this "space weather", the collective term used to describe effects originating from the Sun, is an increasingly important activity in our technology-dependent society. 

Solar storms are responsible for many dramatic events. A nine-hour power blackout in Canada, disabled satellites and corroded pipelines have all been blamed on the Sun. Even increased radiation risks to airline passengers and crews can result from high solar activity. Forecasting the space weather can alert us to upcoming storms and appropriate actions can be taken to minimise the impact of these events. The ability to forecast comes from our improved understanding of solar events which has been facilitated by solar physics research, including important contributions from six spacecraft built in Europe: SOHO stationed far out in space, the four Cluster satellites orbiting together around the Earth, and Ulysses, which flies over the poles of the Sun. 

The 27-28 April SOHO scientists will organize exhibits and lectures to promote public awareness of the dynamics of our Sun and its influence on the Earth. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the ESA/NASA SOHO mission, this is an appropriate opportunity to highlight how solar physics research, both from space and from the ground, contributes valuable information which can impact on our daily life.

Events in local languages, at more than 50 locations throughout Europe and North America, will celebrate this international Sun-Earth day and the 5th anniverary of SOHO.

Activities for kids

In connection with these events we have developed a coloring book and a "build your own SOHO spacecraft"

PowerPoint presentation

Useful web links

The ESA Sun-Earth day site:  http://sci.esa.int/sun-earth
The NASA Sun-Earth day site:  http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov/SECEF_SunEarthDay/
The ESA space weather site:  http://www.estec.esa.nl/wmwww/spweather/
SOHO and Space Weather:  http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/spaceweather/
SOHO home page site:  http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/
SOHO Science Communication web page:  http://sci.esa.int/soho
Cluster site:  http://sci.esa.int/cluster
Ulysses site:  http://sci.esa.int/ulysses

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For more information on the Cluster and Ulysses missions please contact

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Dr. Richard Marsden, ESA - Ulysses Project Scientist
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Sun-Earth day, 27-28 April - event locations and contacts

We advise the interested media to contact local organisers (in Europe and in North America) to get detailed information about the date and time of the event(s).


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