17 July 2024 - Mission Day: 10456 - DOY: 199

Happy 20th Launch Anniversary

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SOHO 20 Years

SOHO was launched on 2 December 1995, for what was originally planned as a two-year mission. Twenty years later, it's still going strong. Picture credit: Alex Lutkus

Twenty years of operation without a single service or tune-up is no piece of cake for a spacecraft. As anyone who has operated scientific instruments in a lab will know, it's amazing how many things can go wrong, requiring some form of intervention or repair. But that has not been an option for SOHO and its instruments - if it breaks, it's broken, and all you can do is adjust to a new reality. But miraculously, we're doing very well even after all these years.

So, spirits are high at the SOHO operations center at Goddard Space Flight Center and in the instrument teams around the world as SOHO is embarking on its third decade of operations.

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