03 March 2024 - Mission Day: 10320 - DOY: 063

Announcing Far Side Imaging Services

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MDI Images

SWAN Images

MDI Backside Collage SWAN images of nearside and farside sky

SWAN image of far and near side of sky.
See also a GIF animation of 6 subsequent scans.

  SWAN observations projected onto solar map

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SWAN observations projected onto solar map.
See also a GIF animation of 6 subsequent scans.

Caption: After streamlining routines for data gathering and analysis, two SOHO science teams feel they can launch a new regular service to the community: A glance of what is happening on the far side of the Sun!

The SWAN instrument first announced their ability to keep tabs on the Sun's far side on 21 June 1999, while MDI announced their breakthrough on 9 March 2000. The announcement of a regularly updated service coincides with SOHO's 5th Anniversary and the Sun-Earth Day celebrated throughout Europe and North America.

The services and descriptions can be found on two separate web pages:

  • MDI Far Side Imaging.
  • Other Links:

    Instruments: Solar Wind Anisotropies (SWAN); Michelson-Doppler Imager (MDI);
    Taken: 1 March 2001 - 24 April 2001
    Picture credit: SOHO/SWAN and SOHO/MDI (ESA & NASA)


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