25 May 2024 - Mission Day: 10403 - DOY: 146

Kinky Loops and CMEs

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EIT 195  image of post-CME loops
LASCO C2 image of associated CME
LASCO C3 image of associated CME
Full field movies: 512x512, 256x256
Also from LASCO C2: 1024x1024
Movies: 512x512, 256x256
Also from LASCO C3: 1024x1024
Movies: 512x512, 256x256

Caption: Although so-called "post-CME loops" are quite common, they sometimes come in odd shapes that are revealed when they are seen close to the limb - like the kinked one shown in the center of the EIT 195 image above. It is part of what is called a "post-CME arcade", with a large number of individual loops that brighten after the CME has taken off.

The EIT movie sequences also show the Coronal Mass Ejection itself as a very substantial dimming from one frame to another (the material is gone in the image at 19:28 UT). It can be followed through the LASCO C2 and C3 coronagraph images, which also features several other CME events.

Instrument/observatories: Large Angle Spectrometric Coronagraph (LASCO); Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (EIT)
Taken: 1 February 23:06 UT - 3 February 06:18 UT
Picture credit: SOHO/EIT, SOHO/LASCO (ESA & NASA)


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