03 March 2024 - Mission Day: 10320 - DOY: 063

SUMER Flare Observations

Caption: Solar Ultraviolet Measurements of Emitted Radiation (SUMER) spectra showing the corona dynamics above a C4.7 flare that occurred on the South-East limb of the Sun on 11 May 1999. The movie shows sudden heating of the corona and ejection of high temperature (8 million degrees) plasma due to the flare at 21:30. This is followed by a long relaxation phase during which postflare loops with temperature of about 1 million degrees form. Throughout there is intermittent ejection of cold plasma from the chromosphere, along loops, high into the corona.

Each frame shows SUMER observations in greyscale on the left and an Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (EIT) image on the right. The position of the SUMER slit, marked in white in the EIT images, lies about 70,000 km above the site of the flare. The SUMER observations show spectral images along the slit in three wavelength bands. The three SUMER bands are displayed so that time increases from top to bottom. The lines in each band are displayed left to right in decreasing temperature order. The lines are scaled individually to give best contrast for the relevant line. The line ion and its approx. temperature in degrees Kelvin are written below the line. The line itself is indicated with an arrow. The velocity and spatial scale are shown near the top left corner. Redshifts are to the right. The highest velocities (200 km/s) are seen in the hottest lines at the time of the flare.

Data analysis by Davina Innes (innes@linmpi.mpg.de)

Instruments: SUMER (Solar Ultraviolet Measurements of Emitted Radiation); EIT (Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope); Taken: May 11 1999, 22:24 UT


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