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Each observation employing more than one instrument (or a ground-based observatory) requires a unique campaign number. As a planner, when campaigns are created or rerun, you will need to coordinate with a SOC to have a new campaign number assigned. Campaign numbers act as identification tags for observations and the order of the numbers has no significance.

When inserting campaing numbers into your Instrument Activity Plan (IAP) files, you may specify up to ten (10) different numbers, e.g: CMP_NO=1140, 1315, 980; they must be delimited by a comma however.

In addition, certain campaign numbers have been reserved:

Number Description
0 Not participating
1 Synoptic
2 Reserved for future use

If you are considered the Point of Contact (POC, or EOF coordinator) for any campaign, it is your noble duty to update the campaign database with information about the observations performed. The data you supply will be utilized by future users who search through our database.


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