14 April 2024 - Mission Day: 10362 - DOY: 105
NASA Mission Madness 2009

FINAL RESULTS: SOHO Captures Second Place

After a nail biting contest, SOHO captured second place in the NASA 2009 Mission Madness Tournament.

Congratulations to SPB for their victory in the Tournament!

On behalf of everyone at SOHO, we express our gratitude to the tens of thousands of fans and helioenthusiasts that supported and voted for SOHO.


If you have enjoyed coming to our web sites over these many years, here is your chance to show it! You can participate by working out a bracket similar to those used in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, except it uses missions instead of teams. Vote for SOHO on April 6 and 7!

Find out more here at the NASA site: http://mission-madness.nasa.gov/mm/bracket.html

To vote for SOHO:

1. Visit: http://mission-madness.nasa.gov/mm/bracket.html

2. Find SOHO (under the large, red SUBMIT VOTE button)

3. Click on "SOHO" to highlight the name, then click on blue arrow.

4. Click the large, red, "Submit vote" button. You'll be asked to enter some characters in a pop-up box to verify you're not a robot, and your vote will be counted;

5. Go to (1), above by clicking on the "bracket" link in the middle of the page, and repeat as often as you like.

5. Tell your friends to support SOHO!



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