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SOHO and the 2009 Eclipse

Expeditions and other ground-based observations

Sounding rocket observations

SOHO instruments were planning to support observations carried out by the HERSCHEL (HElium Resonance Scattering in the Corona and Heliosphere) sounding rocket payload. The rocket was scheduled for launch on 21 Jul 2009 at 18:50 UT, but the launch had to be postponed due to technical problems.

Supporting observations

During this eclipse SOHO had just entered its keyhole period. SOHO was in contact with ground station on 22 Jul 2009 00:05-04:05 UT (up to about 15 min before the end of the eclipse) and in submode 6.

Following SOHO instruments have been supporting the ground-based eclipse observations:


Since SOHO is expected to be in contact during the eclipse, EIT will be able to move its sector wheel and able to observe at multiple wavelengths. For details of EIT/LASCO observations see here.


UVCS used a special observation program to support the natural solar eclipse and was also intended to support the HERSCHEL rocket flight observations. The UVCS program started at 18:00 UT on 20 July 2009 with observations of the north coronal hole at 1.9, 2.0 and 2.4 solar radii in H I Ly-alpha. UVCS observations of a streamer above the west limb started at 12:00 UT on 21 July 2009 in H I Ly-alpha at five roll positions with five heights from 1.8 to 2.7 solar radii. The second part of the program observed the west limb streamer in O VI 103.2 nm at 1.75, 2.45 and 3.5 solar radii. The central roll position for the streamer observations targeted the central axis of the streamer. For each observation the roll positions were adjusted to use the high resolution portion of the UVCS field of view. The observation durations were designed to produce both intensity and profile quality data for both spectral lines.


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