14 August 2022 - Mission Day: 9753 - DOY: 226
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Prominence Connections (January 30, 2009)

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STEREO (Behind) spacecraft give us a close-up view in extreme UV light of the complex interactions of prominence material over a two-day period (January 22 - 23, 2009). Prominences are cooler clouds of gas that rise above the Sun's surface. They are controlled by strong magnetic field lines that pull on and shape the twisting and streaming actions. With STEREO's image detector, a large 2048 x 2048 pixels, we can zoom in on smaller areas and still preserve strong image detail.


SOHO began its Weekly Pick some time after sending a weekly image or video clip to the American Museum of Natural History (Rose Center) in New York City. There, the SOHO Weekly Pick is displayed with some annotations on a large plasma display.

If your institution would also like to receive the same Weekly Pick from us for display (usually in Photoshop or QuickTime format), please send your inquiry to steele.hill@gsfc.nasa.gov.


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