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Flurry of Action (April 30, 2003)

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  • Over a very active three days this last week, at least nine solar storms (either solar flares or coronal mass ejections) erupted on the Sun (April 25-27, 2003). The still image of three LASCO C2 coronagraph frames shows the first and strongest CME. In it the structures of the expanding cloud are unusually strong and clearly defined. This and most of the others appear to have originated on the front side of the Sun. EIT images of the Sun in extreme ultraviolet light show erupting filaments associated with storms in at least three instances. And over the course of the three days (as can be seen in the video clip), by best estimate eight other storms occur, quite a flurry of activity. None of these storms seemed to have much impact on Earth as they were not Earth-directed, however the Sun continues to be peppered with spots this week so more storms should be expected.

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