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One CME as a Precursor (November 26, 2008)

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SOHO observed the Sun unleashed a good-sized coronal mass ejection (CME) blast off to the right (November 23-25, 2008). Over about a two-day period, the bulbous shaped solar storm blossomed, then disappeared from the C2 coronagraph's field of view. It appears to have originated from the far side of the Sun. (CMEs carry about a billion tons of particles into space at millions of miles per hour and carry some of the Sun magnetic field with them.) It is one of the more substantial CMEs that SOHO has observed in many months. As such, it serves as a harbinger of more activity to come as the Sun's overall level of activity begins to climb again. The bright, flattened white light moving right to left under the Sun is the planet Mercury, whose relative brightness for this instrument creates the wide white line optical distortion.


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