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Erupting Prominence (February 28, 2003)

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For many days observers had watched a long prominence above the Sun's surface as the Sun's rotation brought it across our view of the Sun. It extended over half the diameter of the Sun - about 50 million miles (85 million km). Then in a dramatic development, it lifted off like the edge of a spider web being stretched until it broke. In a period of just about two hours, all that was left of it was a tell-tale series of post coronal loops where it used to be. It generated the coronal mass ejection (CME) that appeared to head towards the Comet NEAT (see NEAT Hotshots page) hours later on 18 February 2003, though apparently the two did not interact. These erupting prominences have been identified as the source of many CMEs, though the physical process that triggers their eruptions has not yet been determined.

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