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A little something for everyone (July 24, 2003)

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For two days this week (July 20 - 22) the scientists controlling SOHO decided to take an image of the Sun every 12 minutes in the EIT 304 Ångstroms wavelength. At this higher than usual frame rate, many details of activity can be observed. (A spectral line of singly-ionized helium at 304 Ångstroms shows the state of the solar plasma at roughly 60,000 C.) Most obviously, about four active regions (seen as brighter areas) move from near the center of the disk to the right as the Sun rotates -these regions manage to pop off a few bursts of activity. Otherwise, nothing spectacular occurs, except for numerous small flares (rapid releases of radiative energy), eruptive prominences (ejections of relatively cool material into the much hotter and more tenuous corona), and macrospicules (shorter-lived ejections in the Sun's polar regions that "run out of steam" and fall back to the solar surface)."

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