17 April 2024 - Mission Day: 10365 - DOY: 108
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Scratch One Comet (October 21, 2011)

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A medium-sized comet headed right for Sun and it was a one-way trip (Oct. 19, 2011). This combination still and movie shows the comet as it headed towards the Sun through SOHO's LASCO C3 coronagraph (blue), into its narrow field of view C2 coronagraph (red), while we show the Sun from SDO in extreme UV light. This comet likely belonged to the Kreutz family of comets, smaller pieces that broke away from a much larger comet hundreds of years ago and are often found heading into the Sun. Although we did not get to see it directly impact the Sun (something that has never been seen), it did not come out the other side either.


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