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Prominence Eruption from STEREO (April 18, 2008)

Full disk JPEG (113K) and TIF (3.6M) image

MPEG Movie: Large (3.3M)
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Real-time Movie [size: 1.0M] in Hα, live, to digital video tape by John Adair.

This movie shows an exceptionally large prominence eruption on the Sun on April 9, 2008, as seen from the STEREO Ahead spacecraft. Just above the solar surface, the relatively cool prominence material is best seen by the EUVI telescope in the Helium II line at 304 Angstroms. A considerable amount of twisting motion is seen in the prominence material as it goes out. The erupting prominence was also captured by STEREO Behind spacecraft, Hinode, TRACE, and SOHO missions. The appearance of the event from these three separate viewpoints is quite different and will help us understand these eruptions.


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