17 April 2024 - Mission Day: 10365 - DOY: 108
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Slicing through the layers (September 17, 2002)

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  • Each of the images from SOHO reveals different features of the Sun and at generally different levels, like cutting through layers to the surface. However, some of the coronal "layers" observed here are intertwined so these labels are somewhat arbitrary. The first two from MDI show the photosphere or surface at about 6,000 degrees C., in an approximation of visible light and, secondly, in a magnetogram, which reveals magnetic activity. Black and white indicates north and south polarity. The next four from EIT observe the corona at different wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light, and at increasingly higher levels. The orange Sun (304) shows ionized helium in the lower corona at 60,000 degrees C. The blue Sun (171) images ionized iron at 1 million degrees C. The green Sun (195) shows even more ionized iron at 1.5 million degrees C. And finally, the yellow Sun (284) yet even more ionized iron in the upper corona at 2.5 million degrees C. Certain features can be identified in all the images, but other features are unique to each instrument. The video clip show the transition from one to the next as you make your way out from the surface to the edges of the corona. Other instruments explore the internal structure of the Sun, but that discussion will have to wait for another day.

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