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Ka-Booooom! (February 17, 2012)

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By combining observations from several instruments, we can see an initial solar eruption and the ensuing, large cloud of particles that blasted into space over a 10-hour period (Feb. 9-10, 2012). A close look at the orange-colored Sun image in extreme UV light shows a filament that broke away from the Sun to the right. This event was associated with a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) starting around 18:00 UT as seen by the STEREO Behind spacecraft. This eruption also occurred in conjunction with a B3.7 flare (fairly small). One combination of observations shows just the Sun in extreme UV light superimposed on the COR1 coronagraph (green).

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The other image set adds the more extensive field of view that is seen by COR2 at the same time. This video covers about 10 hours for the smaller field of view video and 17 hours for the broader one.


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