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CME Foursome (July 15, 2005)

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The LASCO C2 coronagraph, which creates artificial solar eclipses by blocking the light of the solar disk so we can see the much fainter glow of the Sun's hot corona, observed a series of four coronal mass ejections (CMEs) over about 32 hours beginning July 12, 2005. Two were substantial and each one appeared quite different from the others, though they all head off to the right. All of these probably originated from the Active Region 786, which has been quite busy as the Sun's rotation carried it around the Sun's right edge.

The first CME, the smallest of the four, began around 6:54 on the 12th. The second, quite a strong blast, can first be seen around 17:30. A narrower CME emerges at about 3:30 on the 13th, and lastly, at 14:40 another strong CME blast into space. Some of these may strike a glancing blow here at Earth. While various instruments might detect the impact, most of us earthlings would only know of it because they may cause aurora displays to appear in the night sky.

The EIT image of the Sun in extreme ultraviolet light (emitted by ionized helium) shows magnetic loops above AR 786 and the straggling remains of material ejected from the Sun (which bears a resemblance to pulled taffy) during the second of the CMEs on the 13th.

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