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Half a Solar Cycle (July 19, 2003)

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  • The three images spanning five years represent roughly the top half of the average 11-year long solar cycle. The first one, from April 1998, catches the Sun about mid-way between minimum activity and maximum activity. The second shows the Sun not long after its maximum level in 2001. Note that it has more and larger active regions (brighter areas). The last, from this week, shows the Sun about halfway back down the cycle again, appearing rather similar to the first one's moderate level of activity, as it should. The Sun now is heading inexorably towards minimum, expected in about 2006. These images show the Sun's lower corona is extreme ultraviolet light.

    The most common measure of the solar cycle is in the number of sunspots, not shown directly here. However, the active regions we do see in UV light generally correspond to areas of strong magnetic activity that are seen in white light imaging as sunspots or groups of sunspots.

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