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Space Weather (April 10, 2003)

High-resolution Images:

  • Large (4.0M) and poster-size (300 dpi) ( 31M) version.

  • The Sun is a dynamic star with a powerful and changing magnetic field that often blasts electrified gas out into space (see left image, from SOHO, a composite of images from two instruments). We call these storms the driving force of "space weather". Some of this material collides with the Earth (center image in UV light from the Polar mission) causing the colorful aurora (final image from ground by Jan Curtis, in Alaska) and other effects that, for most of human history, could only be guessed at. The aurora are seen most often in the far northern and southern latitudes. This collage of images captures the three major visual elements of space weather.

    The link to the poster-sized TIF is a 32-inch wide poster version at 300 dpi. Museums and anyone else are more than welcome to download and print it out for display.

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