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Prominence Lift-Off (January 8, 2003)

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A prominence that had rotated almost to the edge of our view of the Sun erupted and is seen lifting off and breaking away from the Sun in a coronal mass ejection (CME) over an 18-hour period on 3 January 2003. A prominence is like a cloud of particles, usually elongated, suspended above the surface of the Sun. Erupting prominences are the source of many CMEs. Similar to a breaking loop observed the week before, the magnetic field spins, twists, and shakes this structure before it breaks away. The video of the event was taken in extreme ultraviolet light at the 195 Angstroms wavelength (green), which is actually showing ionized iron at 1.5 millions degrees K. An EIT 195 still image identifies the prominence the day before it erupted. The video consists of frames taken every 12 minutes and shown at 6 frames per second. Note: in the video there is a gap in the data of 2.5 hours near the end of the clip.

Coincidentally, the prominence was observed before and during the event in a pair of image mosaics from smaller images produced by the Coronal Diagnostic Spectrometer (CDS), a first for this instrument. These images shown were formed in the transition region emission line of O V at 630 Angstroms, which is ionized oxygen at about 250,000 degrees K. The data will be analyzed to extract information about the temperatures, densities, and velocities of the erupting filament and the coronal material around it.

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