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How can we serve you? (March 7, 2008)

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Finally, just in case our web visitors did not realize it, almost every SOHO image is now available online, all the way back to 1996 (we are still preparing some of the MDI images). To dramatize this, we picked a wavelength (EIT 304) and date (March 6, 1997) from 11 years ago (one solar cycle) with our search tool and got a list of 79 images. We downloaded them with one click (Download All) in about a minute (that time depends on connectivity speeds) and, voila, we had the uniquely named frames ready for a solar movie.

[To do this yourself, go to The Sun Now, then click on Search Tool for Real Time Data (near the top of that page (in orange type), enter your search criteria, and it's all at your fingertips. You can select our best images 1024 x 1024 pixels or the lower resolution images at 512 x 512 (faster downloads).

For several years, we only had SOHO images available back to 2003, but, like black and white TV, those bad old days are over now. All of the images have been reprocessed to be consistent across the entire period. And each day we capture hundreds more new images. They are ready to be served hot!


SOHO began its Weekly Pick some time after sending a weekly image or video clip to the American Museum of Natural History (Rose Center) in New York City. There, the SOHO Weekly Pick is displayed with some annotations on a large plasma display.

If your institution would also like to receive the same Weekly Pick from us for display (usually in Photoshop or QuickTime format), please send your inquiry to steele.hill@gsfc.nasa.gov.


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