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Whole Lotta Action Going On (June 5, 2003)

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  • For scientific observation reasons, the scientists that operate SOHO decided to take an image of the Sun every 12 minutes for a week in the EIT 304 Ångstroms wavelength and the results are quite breath-taking. A spectral line of singly-ionized helium at 304 Ångstroms shows the state of the solar plasma at roughly 60,000 C. Active Region 365 (moving across the lower right part of the Sun) shot off a number of flares and associated coronal mass ejections, and a couple of other regions were active as well.

    Even more visually interesting was the profile of Active Region 375 as it rotates into view during the last two days of this observation. We zoomed in on that region and slowed the pace of the movie to reveal the spitting and sputtering and looping action as its magnetic field forces struggle for control. Some consider this sequence to be the best profile view of an active region SOHO has ever witnessed over its seven years of observations. Enjoy the show!

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