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Science Priorities

Science priorities for the comming quarter are unchanged:

  1. MHD waves (coordinators: C.Deforest and J.Raymond)
  2. Abundances (coordinator: A.Fludra)
  3. Equatorial coronal holes (target of opportunity)
Mid-April to end May: high priority for coordinated observing campaigns with ground-based observatories.

Woods/Hassler (HAO) sounding rocket cross calibration flight (ICAL011) in mid April.

SUMER plans: will stay on central meridian until end of April. Then to approx. 40 to concentrate on prominence studies in May until the end of the month; then eventually further out. In March mainly oscillation studies.

This year the 2 months continuous contact will be extended to 90 days. Start date: 13 April.

Rock Bush presented plans for the roll maneuvre in March. After some discussion it was agreed to do first a full roll for MDI with 30 min stops each 22.5, followed by a 90 roll (+ or -- TBD) of TBD hours for SWAN sensor crosscalibration. The duration of the whole roll maneuvre shall not exceed 16 hours. An extended stay at 180 would hurt GOLF.

The next momentum management will take place on March 18. There is little flexibility to shift these activities on short notice (hot back-up from DSN required).

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:16 EST 1998