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Agree Agenda and Actions Revision

After V. Domingo's welcome address, F. Felici asked the PIs to contact J.-P. Gardelle at Matra and let him know about their plans for the SM (Action 22-1).

Agenda --- annex 1

List of Participants --- annex 2

Actions revision

Action 21-1: closed for MDI, LASCO, CDS; open for UVCS
On relevant PI teams to provide pointing information to Helmut Schweitzer (hschweit@pop400. for S/C trending analysis.

Action 21-2: closed (see annex 3)
On PI teams to provide operational information for the time period 8-22 October 96. Input to Jean-Philippe Olive ( before 30 November.

Action 21-3: closed (see also Sect. 4)
On EIT/LASCO to develop and test event detection software for inter-instrument flag system and report at the next SPWG meeting.

Action 21-4: closed (new action on ESA/Matra to present range of gyro experience from other satellites (Action 22-2)).
On ESA/Matra to study the effect of S/C rolls on lifetime of gyros. Report at the next SWT meeting.

Action 21-5: closed (input given at meeting, see below)
On PIs to inform PS on when they plan to provide data and catalogue information for the SOHO archive. Input to PS before 30 November.

GOLF: awaiting document describing implementation of access control of SOHO archive
VIRGO: ready by end of month
MDI: catalogue and magnetograms next week
SUMER: done
CDS: done
EIT: done
UVCS: catalogue available, starting with data in a month or so
LASCO: meeting next week with L.Sanchez to clarify details; PB data soon
SWAN: no catalogue yet, will take another few months
CELIAS: ready by end of month/early Feb (procedure agreed with P.Wurz)
COSTEP: to be discussed
ERNE: to be discussed (probably similar to CELIAS)

There is an action on L.Sanchez to setup a web page so that the PIs can check and update the data rights tables (Action 22-3).

Action 21-6: closed
On PIs to fill out mission extension questionnaire before 15 December.

Action 21-7: closed (see below)
On PIs of CDS, EIT, LASCO, MDI, SUMER and UVCS to nominate a representative for the MEDOC working group. Input to PS before 15 December.

CDS: Richard Harrison
SUMER: Werner Curdt
UVCS: Ester Antonucci
MDI: Rock Bush
EIT: Jean-Pierre Delaboudinière
LASCO: Chris StCyr and Russ Howard

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Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:16 EST 1998