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Use of Telemetry Submodes and Flag System

It was agreed that for the time being the flag system will not be used.

J.-P. Olive reported that tests at Saab with 16 additional packets did not work, tests with 8 additional packets on the other hand were successful. The day before the SWT meeting ESA has asked Saab to present a schedule for further tests. It was proposed to implement the 8 additional packets and in parallel proceed with further tests.

G.Brueckner asked for a new submode in which SUMER telemetry is redistributed to EIT/ LASCO. Technical limitations: only one sub-mode is freely programmable, others have to be uploaded.

K.Wilhelm made another proposal for telemetry submode switching (see annex 4):

It was agreed to have a subcommittee of EIT/LASCO, SUMER and CDS to discuss this issue once technical information has been received on the feasibility and implications of using programmable submodes.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:16 EST 1998