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SOHO Bibliography

The SOHO Project Scientist Team is maintaining a comprehensive list of SOHO related publications, published regularly in the SOHO Science Reports. The list is based on re- and preprints received, and the INSPEC and NASA database of IRS at ESRIN/ESA. Presently, this list is kept as a simple Latex text file. It is planned to establish an interactive database system at the SOHO archive which will contain a complete list of all SOHO papers, if possible including abstracts. L.Sanchez will circulate a questionnaire among the PI teams to gather information about the systems presently used. There is an action on the PIs to provide bibliography information (list of papers with abstracts, database used). Input to B.Fleck before January 30 (Action 17-7).

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:33 EST 1998