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MCEHuber, the Head of ESA's Space Science Department expressed his thanks to the PIs' for their collaboration in the PR activities surrounding launch, and especially in the corporate TV broadcast. He had had favourable reactions from people who had attended the transmission at ESA Head Office in Paris. (Unfortunately, there were technical problems at ESTEC, which prevented the projection of the broadcast.) He also congratulated the PIs on the successful start of the misssion, and conveyed the congratulations of ESA's Science Programme Committee, which had met earlier in the week in Paris. SPC discussed the international aspect of the SOHO mission and supports giving proper credit to ESA and NASA. The Head of Space Science Department also announced a visit by the ESA Director Science, scheduled for 8 February, 1996. M.Huber mentioned that the Director had asked him for a report on the findings on the present visit, in particular as far as the lines of authority for operations and proper support of the international aspect of the mission was concerned. The Director had the intention to formally appoint the Head of Space Science Department to coordinate the latter task, and to confirm this appointment with the Associate Administrator (W.Huntress) and the Director of GSFC (J.Rothenberg). M.Huber asked the PIs for their support in this delicate task. He enumerated a number of elements needed to achieve properly balanced credit. Some of these had in fact just been discussed in the preceding agenda item (representation of SOHO at conferences). One would probably also have to explore whether further measures (perhaps even a ``mild'' renaming of the mission) might be used to make the public understand the international nature of the SOHO mission.

L.Sanchez will establish and maintain a SOHO status page on the Web with input from the PIs and the Project.

To improve the information flow, H.Kunow suggested to post meetings and changes thereof at the bulletin boards in the EOF and EAF.

J.Kohl requested to arrange for a SIC meeting adjacent to next SWPG meeting.

L.Sanchez mentioned that there is now detailed information on the SOHO archive available.

The Project Scientists will contact Science, Nature, Scientific American etc. regarding special SOHO papers.

There is an action on the PIs to provide info on space request (EOF + EAF) to A.Poland (Action 17-8).

Next Meeting

It was agreed to have the monthly SPWG meetings on the second Friday of each month, i.e. first SPWG meeting on January 12.

Next SWT meeting: 8-9 February 1996 (together with SPWG meeting).

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Bernhard Fleck
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