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Status of Experiments

  1. GOLF (A.Gabriel)
    fully functional on S/C and ready to fly; fully functional FS available; analysis software in advanced stage, work on-going

  2. VIRGO (C.Fröhlich)
    ready to fly; spare ready by end of August (see annex 5)

  3. SOI/MDI (P.Scherrer)
    ``believes'' that MDI is ready for launch, but cannot be shure due to inadequate test time during the last 9 months; requests microvribation tests with UVCS and SUMER flight hardware during MDI SFT/SPT (which would add only a couple of hours)

  4. SUMER (K.Wilhelm)
    FM on S/C, ready for flight; electronics spare available, but none for spectrometer; good photometric calibration (10% 1); software simulator available; ground system advanced, but still to be improved

  5. CDS (R.Harrison)
    ready to fly; no HW/SW changes since October 94 (see annex 5)

  6. EIT (F.Clette)
    Al entrance filters retested at 120 under vacuum for 13 days; no degradation seen; long duration test at 120 for 1.5 months running; results by early September (see annex 5)

  7. UVCS (K.Kohl)
    UVCS arrived at the Cape on July 26; now on flight standard and all problems solved; preformance checked and extensive end-to-end tests performed (see annex 5); UVCS Science Team meeting on October 9-11 in Florence.

  8. LASCO (G.Brueckner)
    electronics box repaired and in flight condition; already delivered to the Cape; another 3 shifts of tests needed before instrument can be declared ready for flight; LASCO/EIT science team meeting on September 10 to 13; AO for science investigations to be issued after first data are available.

  9. SWAN (M.Berthe)
    H cell failure not clarified; refurbished cell delivered (see annex 5); subject to successful test of S/C harness modification SWAN ready for flight; spare electronics and spare sensor available

  10. CELIAS D.Hovestadt)
    all anomalies on MTOF and STOF solved; all flight units at the Cape ready for integration

  11. COSTEP (H.Kunow)
    refurbished EPHIN unit at the Cape (see annex 5); severe disturbances due to straylight from MDI cover (to be discussed separately after meeting)

  12. ERNE (J.Torsti)
    FM on S/C, ready for flight; no changes recently (see annex 5)

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Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:23 EST 1998