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F.Vandebussche presented the plans for GSCT#3 (see annex 4). 9 days with double shifts with a S/C availability of 14 hours per day are envisaged. Day 6: Inter-instrument data exchange. Day 7: UVCS. Day 8: 6/8 h pass + MDI, CDS, and CELIAS. Day 9: 6/8 h pass + LASCO, CDS and CEPAC. GSCT#3 is planned to start in early September; exact date to be circulated in due time.

A.Poland announced that any updated/changed TSTOL procedure to be run during GSCT#3 must be provided to the FOT before August 11.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:23 EST 1998