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Agree Agenda and Actions Revision

Agenda --- annex 1

The presentation on ``Mission Simulations'' by the FOT was dropped since neither C.Cazeau nor C.White were able to attend.

List of Participants --- annex 2

Actions revision

Action 14.1 on Project open
to send information about SOHO model to PIs.

Action 14.2 on Project closed
to send memo to PIs about accreditation at KSC.

Action 14.3 on PIs open (except CDS)
to provide ideas/``stories'' for big SOHO media event. Input to PS before May 15.

Action 14.4 on PIs closed
to comment on PR plan (draft 0.3 from 18 April 1995). Input to PS before May 15.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:23 EST 1998