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Action Items and Resolutions SWT 15

Action 15.1 on PIs to comment on present commissioning plan. In particular check:

  1. Duration of Activities
  2. Scheduling Requirements on Activities
  3. Check for shared (NRT-s) versus dedicated (NRT-d) link requirements, in particular for calibrations and later activities
  4. Reorganize blocks when needed, in particular use not more than 3-5 blocks

E-mail corrected block sheets to Piet Martens before August 15. Please contact Piet if he needs to resend your block sheets.

Action 15.2 on PIs to provide manning plan for EOF/EAF including names. Input to PS before August 31.

Action 15.3 on PIs to ensure that the relevant steps (software changes etc.) are taken to comply with the adoption of UTC at the Earth as the time reference for data.

Action 15.4 on PS to organize meeting of US and European archive representatives to arrange schedules and details for archive development.

Resolution on Reaction Wheel Repair

  1. ESA project should send bi-weekly reports to the PIs on the progress and revised schedule for wheel repair. This can be sent to the project scientists who will forward it electronically to the PIs.
  2. A PI representative should be invited to be a member of the reaction wheel investigation team. This person should be a member of a PI team, and expert in mechanisms of this type. Klaus Wilhelm has suggested Hermann Hartwig of his laboratory. The PIs agree with this suggestion.
  3. Approximately one week before the repaired wheels are to be installed on the spacecraft ESA project should have a review meeting with the PIs. The topics to be covered at the review meeting are:
The PIs will provide a formal statement to ESA and NASA project on their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with what has been presented.

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Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:26:23 EST 1998