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SPWG report

On Wednesday afternoon a SPWG meeting took place. One of the topics was the organization of the 3 SOHO workshop to be hosted by SEL in Boulder 3--7 October 1994. As members of the Scientific Organizing Committee were suggested: V.Domingo, M.Dryer, J.Gosling, R.Harrison, E.Hildner, R.Howard, M.Kallenrode, E.Marsch, R.Marsden, A.Poland,

Another topic was the organization of the 3 IACG campaign workshop (in preparation for the 3 IACG campaign on ``Solar events and their manifestation in Geospace'' to take place late 96). The workshop is scheduled for 31 May -- 3 June 1994 in Tokyo. Main topics are: 1.) Solar corona disturbances, 2.) Propagation in the solar wind, and 3.) Manifestation in Geospace. Up to now, members of the organizing committee are R.Harrison, D.Baker and R.Schwenn.

Then there was the question how to proceed with this working group. It was decided that, at the next SWT, a masterplan of scientific priorities should be worked out, including an emergency plan for the first 4 weeks. This meeting will be organized by A.Gabriel (chairman), J.Gurman and E.Antonucci to be co-chairs.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:25:28 EST 1998