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Science operations report

see annex 15

a) Report of the SOWG meeting

L.Sanchez gave a report of the last SOWG meeting held at Goddard 15--16 July 1993 (see annex 15).

b) EOF

A.Poland presented the EOF network architecture (see annex 15) and addressed the space problem caused by the planned splitting of the EOF. At the moment it is intended to have the EOF in Bldg.3 and the analysis facility in Bldg.26. There is an action item from SOWG 9 on the PI's to comment on the impact of the EOF space allocation changes on their operation plans, and to define the worst case of space allocation needs and data traffic at the EOF. A.Poland once more stressed the importance of having an European center for quick data access at the EOF, i.e. have a high speed link from Europe to Goddard and not go through NSI.


After reviewing the history of the ESDOC selection M.Huber announced that ESDOC has officially been abandoned by ESA since not all PI's assured their assistance for an ESDOC at IAC, Tenerife. There are plans of the French and Italian proposers to have an operations and data analysis facility at IAS during the operational phase of SOHO, and a data analysis facility including a long-term SOHO archive at Rome in a later phase (see SWT executive meeting [section 13.2] and annex 16).

d) Status of the SOP

A new issue 1.1 of the SOP has been released early June. There will be a new issue 2.0 released late this year in which all TBD's should be replaced by information, all tables should be updated and the annexes should be completed, the overall data rights policy should be clearly defined, and the GI programme as well as the structure of campaign organizations should be incorporated. Input from the PI's is needed (see action items 10.1, 10.2 and 10.7)!

e) Coordination with ground-based observatories

V.Domingo presented a table of ground-based observatories (see annex 15). There is an action item on the PI's to evaluate this survey of ground-based observatories and send detailed requirements on synoptic data to the PS before 1 October 1993 (action 10.7).

A.Title made a comment, warning that having too many data available could be counterproductive (``the larger the volume the lesser it is used''). He emphasized the importance of a detailed management plan to avoid overloading people. Further, he commented that it is absolutely mandatory for a meaningful use of synoptic data at the EOF that all the images have the same orientation, and that software is available with which one can easily extract exact coordinates simply by means of a cursor, irrespective of the exact image scale or the observatory where the image has been taken. L.Culhane mentioned that, as regards the Yohkoh mission, ground-based data were mostly used in conjunction with dedicated campaigns.

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