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Science Working Team executive meeting

Action items SWT 10

Action 9.5 on GOLF and LASCO to report before 1 October 1993 of the results of the solar flare test. Input to T.Appourchaux.

Action 10.1 on PI's: to comment before 1 October 1993 on drafts of data rights (annex 5), GI programme (annex 7), and campaign organization (annex 8). Input to PS.

Action 10.2 on PI's: to provide input for table 1 in data rights document (annex 5), including a definition of level 1 and level 2 of their data (before 1 October 1993).

Action 10.3 on PS: to write an AO for a GI programme before 1 December 1993.

Action 10.4 on PS: to work out a structure of campaign organization before 1 December 1993.

Action 10.5 on PI's: (at least VIRGO, GOLF, EIT, and SWAN) to provide an updated instrument description for the SOHO booklet to be distributed at the Elba workshop. Input to PS before end of August.

Action 10.6 on Project: to include the sun-shield of SUMER in the interface drawings in EID-A.

Action 10.7 on PI's: to evaluate the survey of ground-based observatories (annex 15) and send detailed requirements on synoptic data to PS before 1 October 1993.

Wrap-up discussion

A.Gabriel presented the unsolicited French/Italian proposal for an European operations and data analysis center (see Annex 16). It is planned to have an operations and data analysis center with a short-term archive at IAS Orsay during the operational phase of SOHO, and a data analysis facility with a long-term, definite SOHO archive at Rome after the operational phase. These centers would not carry the flag of ESA. However, ESA support is needed during the implementation of these facilities, for instance when negotiating with NASA for dedicated communication lines.

After a short discussion on the importance of an appropriate instrument calibration the following statement worked out by the SIC was unanimously agreed:

``The quality of the scientific achievements of the SOHO mission will be linked directly to the knowledge of instrument characteristics gained through laboratory characterization. It is vitally important that all instruments be appropriately characterized. This is best achieved through a detailed laboratory characterization before spacecraft AIV and, in some cases, a recalibration within one year of launch.''

V.Domingo addressed the problem of the MAMA detectors which were to be developed by Ball Aerospace. This problem has become a real critical one and seriously jeopardizes two experiments (SUMER and UVCS). There are plans to set up a steering committee to review the situation, L.Culhane to be chairman.

H.Kunow reported on problems with the houskeeping data during SFT at Portsmouth. The housekeeping data are of very poor quality and pop up only for a few seconds on a display. He suggested that these data should be available in computer readable form in a database like structure. A file at the end of the test would be sufficient. Other PI's fully agreed.

Next SWT:

The next SWT meeeting will take place at ESTEC 25-27 January 1994. On the first day, there will be a SPWG meeting where a masterplan of scientific operations for the nominal mission duration will be worked out (including an emergency plan assuming SOHO would be operational only for 4 weeks). This session will be organized by A.Gabriel (chairman), J.Gurman and E.Antonucci being co-chairs.

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