25 May 2024 - Mission Day: 10403 - DOY: 146

In a run of observations at the SOHO Experiment Operation Facility at Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA), the UVCS has observed the passage close to the Sun of a newly discovered comet (SOHO-8/Stetzelberger) on the 1st and 2nd of May, 1997. These images, from right to left, show the comet as it approached the Sun. The comet was followed by UVCS in its path toward the Sun along a direction coming from the Northwest limb and inclined by 30 degrees with respect to the equator. At distances from the Sun center of less than 2 solar radii the comet became indistinguishable from the solar corona. After Sun-crossing the comet became visible again on May 2nd, when it emerged from an intense coronal streamer at 13 degrees South of the equator on the East limb. It was followed with UVCS from 5.4 to 8.2 solar radii, i.e., until 01:08 UT on May 3 1997. Its velocity along the portion of trajectory observed with UVCS was of the order of 100 km/sec.



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