03 March 2024 - Mission Day: 10320 - DOY: 063

A time series of SOHO-EIT images showing the development of a huge, eruptive prominence on 1997 August 27. The images were obtained with EIT's unique, normal-incidence, multilayer-coated telescope in the resonance line of singly ionized helium (He II) at 304 Angstroms in the extreme ultraviolet. The material in the eruptive prominence is at temperatures of 60,000 - 80,000 K, much cooler than surrounding corona, which is typically at temperatures above 1 million K. By the fourth frame, the prominence is over 350,000 km (216,000 miles) across, large enough to span 28 earths. Credit --- The SOHO-EIT Consortium: SOHO is an ESA/NASA project of international cooperation.



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