08 December 2023 - Mission Day: 10234 - DOY: 342

A SOHO-EIT image showing a huge eruptive prominence in the resonance line of singly ionized helium (He II) at 304 Angstroms in the extreme ultraviolet. While the filament was active at least nine hours before this exposure, the eruption started less than three hours before this image was obtained (1997 August 26 at 16:07 UT). The material in the eruptive prominence is at temperatures of 60,000 - 80,000 K, much cooler than surrounding corona, which is typically at temperatures above 1 million K. The prominence is over 350,000 km (216,000 miles) across, large enough to span 28 earths. Credit --- The SOHO-EIT Consortium: SOHO is an ESA/NASA project of international cooperation.



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