25 February 2024 - Mission Day: 10313 - DOY: 056


Animation of a CME leaving the Sun, slamming into our magnetosphere.

MPEG ( 5.7M), MPEG ( 1.9M), QT ( 8.9M), QT ( 2.8M), QT with sound1 ( 15M)

SOHO's orbit around the Lagrangian L1 point and the Sun

MPEG ( 730k), MPEG ( 213k), QT ( 4.4M), QT ( 230k), QT with sound1 (7.6M)

Animation of how the Sun's magnetic field winds up and loops out.

MPEG ( 2.1M), MPEG ( 713k), QT ( 3.9M), QT ( 941k), QT with sound1 (6.0M)

Animation of solar wind impacting the magnetosphere and creating aurora

Animation available in the following format and size:
MPEG (4.0M), MPEG (1.1M), QT (9.3M), QT with sound1 ( 17M)

Animation of Sunspot Formation and Flare (artist view)

MPEG (5.9M), QT (2.0M), QT with sound1 (4.3M)

1Credit: Juan Carlos Garcia


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