EIT Observations of the Extreme Ultraviolet Sun

by D. Moses, F. Clette , J.-P. Delaboudinière, G. E. Artzner, J. Brunaud, C. Carabetian, A. H. Gabriel, J. F. Hochedez, F. Millier, X. Y. Song, B. Au, K. P. Dere, R. A. Howard, R. Kreplin, D. J. Michels, J. M. Defise, C. Jamar, P. Rochus, J. P. Chauvineau, J. P. Marioge, R. C. Catura, J. R. Lemen, L. Shing, R. A. Stern, J. B. Gurman, W. M. Neupert, J. Newmark, B. Thompson, A. Maucherat, F. Portier-Fozzani, D. Berghmans, P. Cugnon, E. L. Van Dessel, and J. R. Gabryl

[EIT 195 A image]

Fig. 1b: . EIT image of the Sun in the 195 Å channel, 1997 January 31. The 9 s exposure began at 01:06 UT. The principal spectral lines in this bandpass are Fe XII 192.3, 193.5, and 195.1 Å.

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