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Spacecraft Status

M.Verdant presented the spacecraft status (annex 4).

A monitoring function has been installed to enable determination of the cause of any new AOCS resets (parity error vs watchdog). Possibilities of not going to ESR when an AOCS reset occurs are also being investigated, as is the possibility of ESR operations using reaction wheels to eliminate thruster firings.

The off-point manoeuvre was very successful from an operational as well as a scientific point of view. Some wheel speed range limits have been changed, making station keeping the most frequent reason for manoeuvres. The next manoeuvre is tentatively scheduled for June 28.

A faster roll mode (from 30 to 540 arcsec/s) is being prepared, and may be ready by July 2001.

There are no concerns for spacecraft health or durability in the foreseeable future, with enough fuel and power.

A note should be made that the high number of CEPAC anomalies is due to a ``routine'' anomaly (ESU Data Request Error) which corrects itself autonomously.

Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan
Mon May 7 14:37:27 EDT 2001