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Major Flare Watch for HESSI Collaborations

S.Haugan presented the status of HESSI collaborations. The default HESSI collaboration is (will be) going smoothly, with targets reaching EOF usually before noon local.

The Major Flare Watch program has been invoked three times (26 March, 5 April, and 22 April); The first two cases involved 4 X flares each within the watch periods (including X20 and X14.4). The strongest flare during the last period was an M8.

It was agreed that SOHO would support the Major Flare Watch 3 times (after HESSI becomes operational) before a revision of SOHO's response. Telemetry submode changes (5 to 6, enabling full-resolution EIT 195 Å CME Watch) during SUMER operations periods will be performed on a best effort basis during workweek if no suitable HESSI target is reachable by SUMER.

PIs/instrument teams (action 33-3) should inform SOCs if they want to receive off-hours notification about new Major Flare Watch alerts.

Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan
Mon May 7 14:37:27 EDT 2001