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PR and outreach activities

F. Drigani gave an overview of the Science Communication Service at ESTEC (see annex 9). A question was raised if it was possible to get help to produce nice PR graphics. B. Fleck answered that the SOHO PS office will help/advice to get this done, i.e. contact points for PI's is the PS office.

P. Brekke gave an overview of the on-going an planned PR/outreach (see annex 9).

The LOC of the SOHO 8 workshop in Paris would like to arrange a press conference during the meeting. This cannot be organized before we have something to present. Any new science should be mentioned to the ESA PR machinery no later than end of April.

Action 27-4:
On PI's to provide ideas for press conference at the SOHO-8 before end of April.

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