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Science Priorities for the Next 6 Months

CDS: R.Harrison presented the CDS plans for the next couple of months (see annex 9).

SUMER: eclipse, 90 roll in early summer next year

UVCS: studies of the response in the extended corona to events at its base; joint campaign with CDS to study MHD waves ( ion cyclotron heating?)

MDI: high cadence dynamics

EIT: requested off-point of 10 to 20 arcmin after next MDI 3 months continuous. Action on EIT to submit detailed proposal to SWT by e-mail (Action 24-2).

P.Judge presented the HAO-NSO eclipse experiment to determine coronal magnetic fields. Supporting observations by CDS, EIT and MDI will be invaluable when they attemp to invert the observations of emission line parameters to produce vector magnetic field measurements in the corona. There is an action on Phil Judge to provide a formal JOP (Action 24-3).

There was broad agreement to give highest priority to joint campaigns with TRACE once it's up and working. Everybody is encouraged to submit JOPs involving SOHO instruments and TRACE.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:41 EST 1998