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B.Fleck gave a brief report on the status of SOHO publications (see annex 13). There are numerous SOHO papers in conference proceedings. Publication in refereed journals is picking up, in particular in ApJ. One journal where SOHO is not adequately represented is Astronomy & Astrophysics. People are encouraged to submit papers also to A&A.

The special Solar Physics issue ``The First Results from SOHO'' will appear end of October. The slight delay was caused by technical problems with color figures of some papers and the enormous size of the volume (598 pages plus CD-ROM). For a list of the 31 papers see annex 13.

S.Gibson and D.Biesecker informed the SWT that the Whole Sun Month group agreed to publish results from the Aug/Sep 1996 campaign in a JGR Special. They expect about 30 papers to be submitted. Deadline for submission is 1 March 1998. In addition, they intend to submit 5 summary articles for a Science special. Deadline is also 1 March 1998.

People are reminded to update the SOHO bibliography database on the Web (either e-mail to B.Fleck or G.Dimitoglou or directly using the new Input Record Facility).

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:41 EST 1998