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Science Priorities

-- SUMER: similar as announced at last SWT meeting; will move slit out to 40 to 60 in first week of May; end of June: close to west limb until end of August
-- CDS: campaign with THEMIS (JOP009 and 012); SOHO/EISCAT IPS campaign on solar wind flows and limb structures; JOP050 (small H- filaments); early August: ephemeral active regions campaign with Tenerife/CDS/SUMER
-- EIT: CME watch, wind outflows; [at the Science Workshop on Thursday, April 17, J.-P. Delaboudinière asked for another S/C offpointing by 25 arcmin which was not particularly enthusiastically received by the SWT; more detailed discussion deferred to next meeting]
-- UVCS: Ulysses cooperation; CME watch
-- SWAN: 6 June He interstellar focusing cone; will concentrate on region around the sun
-- LASCO: once more thanked SUMER and CDS for telemetry donation; new compression scheme under testing; if it works, LASCO will be able to run the instrument with high speed, no longer limited by telemetry rate, but by processor; in coming month: will reduce synoptic programme to run more special programmes (e.g. polar wind flows)

Next 90 roll in September (SUMER request: if possible not in week 38). Details to be discussed at next SWT meeting in July.

Bernhard Fleck
Tue Jan 6 15:27:26 EST 1998